Our Pipeline

We are developing a broad set of drug candidates to transform the lives of cancer patients. Our programs focus on emerging oncology targets that have the potential to impact many cancers.

We are rapidly advancing our lead program (XC-201) towards the clinic. 


XC-201: Universal Tumor Targeting 

Certain RGD-binding integrins are required for cell adhesion, migration, and proliferation and are overexpressed in most tumors, making them attractive therapeutic targets. However, multiple integrin antagonist drug candidates have failed to show efficacy in cancer clinical trials. Building on leading scientific work from MIT and Stanford, we created a unique engineered integrin-binding peptide and genetically fused it to an antibody Fc domain. 

XC-201 is a “universal” tumor targeting agent that binds a broad panel of integrins (αv and α5) expressed at high levels on tumors.

XC-201 has greater specificity to tumors compared to other integrin-binding agents.


NK cell



XC-201 targets innate immune effector functions against αvβ1, αvβ3, αvβ5, αvβ6, and α5β1 integrins.

XC-201 is peptide-Fc fusion: a “mAb-lite.”


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