Our Technologies

xPloration   Screening Platform


xPloration is an integrated hardware and software platform that enables high dimensional measurement and analysis of genotype, phenotype and cellular functions at the single cell level, millions of cells at a time.

xPloration finds rare antibodies others can’t. Our B cell screening workflow is optimized for functional measurements of millions of antibody variants within hours. Unlike other processes that screen only a portion of the immune repertoire, xCella’s groundbreaking screening depth captures a near complete coverage of the repertoire, allowing us to discover rare antibodies against challenging targets such as GPCRs and ion channels.

xEmplar   Human Antibody Library


Our xEmplar library is a fully human scFv antibody library precisely designed to replicate the natural immune repertoire with an eye for improved developability. We have eliminated problematic amino acid motifs from our library to minimize downstream antibody aggregation and non-specificity. Optimal CDR compositions and ideal framework selection, combined with decreased aggregation and off-target reactivity, result in a library that yields many high-affinity and developable hits.


Highly Developable

Bispecific Ready


We partner with leading biopharma companies and academic institutions to discover best-in-class antibodies.

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